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Station Two

2 bedrooms, 3 Beds, 1 bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room
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Station Three

3 bedrooms, 4 Beds, 1 bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room
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Station Five

5 bedrooms, 7 Beds, 2 bathrooms, 2 Kitchens, 2 Laundry Rooms
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Living Room
Station Deposit
Accidents happen and for the most part, they are no big deal, but in the case where the damage exceeds a broken dish, our deposit kicks in. A walk-thru with the host will be performed upon arrival. The deposit will be returned within 72 hours of check-out provided there is no damage.

“Normal Wear and Tear” vs. Damage in Ohio

  • Normal Wear and Tear” refers to the deterioration of the property that happens when the property is used as it was meant to be used and only when that deterioration occurs without negligence, carelessness, accident, misuse, or abuse by the tenant or the people the tenant brings there. They are minor issues that occur naturally like aging and expected decline as a result of everyday living. These can include gently worn carpets, loose door handles, fading wall paint and flooring, stained bath fixtures, lightly scratched glass, dirty grout and mold that occur naturally.
  • Damage” refers to the destruction that occurs because of abuse or negligence by a tenant during the tenancy and can affect usefulness, value, normal function of the rental unit. Pet damage (heavily stained and ripped carpet), broken tiles, hole in the wall, broken windows and missing fixtures are all examples of damage.